Golf Tournament Registration Form

Please fill out the following information in order to register for the LIFT Suppliers' Night Annual Golf Tournament. LIFT is a “NOT FOR PROFIT” organization. The proceeds from the LIFT Golf Tournament benefit the LIFT Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships to deserving students in the Food Science Departments of Texas A & M University, Texas Women’s University and Texas Tech.
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Contact Information
Please enter the name and contact information of the person who will be able to supply the names of the golfers for the tournament.
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*Number of Golfers @ $150/each:
There are 7 spots available.
*Number of Non-Golfers @ $25/each:

If you need to rent clubs please mark below the number of each type of clubs needed. The cost for club rental is $50 each and should be paid at the time the clubs are picked up for use.

Women's Right-Handed Clubs:
Women's Left-Handed Clubs:
Men's Right-Handed Clubs:
Men's Left-Handed Clubs:

LIFT Golf Tournament Sponsorships Available:
If you would like to sponsor one of the items listed below for the golf tournament. Please select the items you would like to sponsor and the cost will be added to your payment amount.

Non Alcoholic Beverages ($150)