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We have monthly meetings September to May at various venues of interest. The meetings provide time for networking, presentations by guest speakers and dinner. View Presentation materials from our meetings by clicking on the Presentations selection to the left.

Upcoming Meetings:
August 2018: Location & Date TBA
Topic - LED Lighting & Sterilization
October 18, 2018: 2018 Supplier's Night

Past Presentations

March 22, 2018:

Speaker: Richard LeBoucher - R&D Director, Puratos Corporation.
Speaker Bio: Master of Biochemistry applied to Bakery science.
Started with Puratos in France in 1994 as R&D. Was in charge of R&D for Puratos France for 8 years. Moved to the US in 2002 to lead the Bread R&D Group before taking over the whole R&D group. Moved to our West Coast facility in 2011 with the mission to build an R&D pole. Main expertise is on bread and in particular on the technologies related to improvers/dough conditioners.
Specialty is enzyme technologies and how to use them to deliver specific attributes in bread.
Contact Details:rleboucher@puratos.com

Download PDF of Presentation HERE.

January 18, 2018:

Presenter: Grant Prentice, Director of Strategic Insights, Food Minds LLC
Presented: The Changing Psychology of Food Marketing – How Food Values are Affecting Marketing Content and Consumer Decisions
Bio: Grant Prentice is a Senior Vice President and Director of the Strategic Insights practice at FoodMinds. FoodMinds provides consulting and communications services specializing in harnessing science, public affairs, food values and communications to meet business and public health objectives. Grant specializes in strategic marketing and market research and has extensive experience in building marketing and issues management programs that utilize nutrition and agricultural science-based intellectual property.
Contact Details: gprentice@foodminds.com

Download PDF of Presentation HERE.